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Our Facial Cleansing Line.

Daily cleansing, morning and night, is the first and most important beauty routine’s gesture, and that’s the reason why we have developed effective products, able to transform daily cleansing into a real moment of pleasure, and, inspired by music, we decided to name our line with the first verses of a lyrical air, from Gounod’s Faust: when he finds out how young and beautiful he is, Faust sings in front of the mirror “Adorable et Charmant, oh merveille!”

And that’s the message of jo.maison.jo: be adorable and charmful, just shine!

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Our Snail Slime day and night treatment line.

Snail Slime is a precious remedy known since ancient times: in Greece Hippocrates used to exploit its decongesting and anti- inflammatory properties to soothe skin irritations.

Anyway, the real “boom” occourred in the Eighties, in Chile, when it was noticed how beautiful and soft was the skin of the hands of those who worked in snail breedings.

Snail slime has so many properties: moisturizing, healing, soothing, regenerating and anti wrinkle. So, from these precious elixir we created “Baba Jaga “ Serum, Cream, and BB Cream inspired from the captivating archetypal figure of the enchantress. The fairy tale tells about this wild and free goddess, who lives in a house that walks and even dances, a house that she shares with invisible servants who grant her every desire; Baba Jaga is able to turn herself into anything she wants, and helps those who deserve it with her magic potions.

“Baba Jaga” Serum and Cream are our own magic potions.

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Our Argireline day and night treatment line.

 “Vassilissa“, the Princess, is our most precious line, result of two years of research and experimentation, never on animals!

It was our desire to create a beauy line able to give new tone and freshness to mature skin, and with our biologist we decided to use Argireline, an extremely new plant ingredient with Botox like effects, but without  contraindications. It spreads and relaxes your skin,” fills” the lines and wrinkles or decreases them visibly.

Argireline is not harmful chemical and is essential in keeping your skin healty.

The suggestion of the name “Vassilissa “came from the “Vassilissa” fairy tale, where the Princess, while searching for fire, meets Baba Jaga and fearlessly faces all the proofs to get, in the end, all the gifts of the enchantress.

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Our full-body treatment line

Three items inspired and dedicated to Women who belong to the collective imagination for talent beauty and style. Three items of proven effectiveness with wrapping and voluptouses textures to take care of your body and to cure its little blemishes. Three items created by jo.maison.jo for the diva that every woman is.

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Our Sun Line

We always believed in selfcare with small everyday cuddles and cares, and we created our first Sun Line,” Le Pozioni Solari”, because most of all we do believe in the importance of protecting and nourishing skin under the sun, that can be a friend for well being but also a dangerous enemy if understimated. It can be responsable for wrinkles and blemishes.

It is necessary to choose a good beauty routine in the sun, and it is necessary to start from the right protections, capable to protect skin from UVB and UVA rays and at the same time able to nourish skin and to allow a golden tan. On this bases we studied lotions with effective and clinically tested filters, with “green “ bases and active agents like E Vitamine, Hemp, Argan Oil, Aloe, for a even tan and a moisturized skin.

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Reassuring Technical Statement

Jo·Maison·Jo’s products are made with selected raw materials in the Italian laboratory, cutting-edge in research, highly qualified by experience.

The mimetic botulinum is entirely vegetable.
Producer animals - snails from Salento free to roam on linen - are treated with respect due to their role as benefactors.

No stage of processing involves animal testing.


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