I Consigli della Nonna

Grandma's advice

Hello, I would like to talk to you today of the beauty tricks of grandmothers, those who seem a bit vintage, but they are in my opinion always valid and give unexpected results.

If I excavate in my memory, I remember that, in addition to a massive use of rose water (which has not randomly entered the cleaning line to moi le plaisir!) The grandmother recommended me to always rinse my face with fresh water in the morning... and it's true! In addition to "waking up" actually stimulates the microcirculation and makes the color fresh and healthy, "Bonne Mine" effect.

She also used fresh water even for hair rinsing, joining a couple of spoons of vinegar, insured brightness! He recommended olive oil for hair wraps and for the care of dried lips, but on his lips I would like to intervene even I and give you the recipe of a balm to prepare at home, easy: just cliffs a piece of bee wax, join a few teaspoons of olive oil and end with a few drops of mandarin essential oil; you can store it in a jar and it's fantastic to treat and nourish the cracked lips.

Then there is the lemon, to rub on the hands to lighten the stains, and to use mixed with olive oil for an ultra-moisturizing impacel, fantastic if held in pose all night protecting hands with cotton gloves. Very important! The lemon should be used in the evening, you don't have to expose yourself to the sun with the skin impregnated with lemon juice!

And now let's talk about the chamomile, Toccasana for the red eyes: even today, if I happen to spend too much time in front of the computer, I make a wrapper with two cotton disks imbued with cold chamomile infusion, I relax for ten, fifteen minutes et voila, like new!

Ready to dive into a nice hot bath in melting rice, soothing and softening starch... About rice starch: when I was little and I lived doing stunts and capitomboli, the grandmother applied me a stumbled starch wrapping with water, It was and it's a great remedy to reabsorb the hematomas right away! And now dear friends, I greet you with a recommendation from "Nonna": sleep at least 6/8 hours per night, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, drink water and laugh as much as possible! Laughing is the true secret of youth!

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