L'importanza della Detersione

The importance of cleansing

Proper cleaning is the basis of beauty and skin health. The self-care does not entail enormous sacrifices, these are small daily gestures that become a "ritual".

The cleansing of the face morning and evening is, in our opinion, an essential gesture for a correct beauty routine, even if you don't use make-up: the skin needs to "breathe" and makeup, smog, sweat or quant ' Other can determine occlusion.

We believe in a delicate cleansing, which does not use too aggressive products, because everything that is too "strong" tends to remove the thin natural layer that covers the skin, drying it and sensitizing it, and making it even subject to inflammation or sebaceous inflammation, which in turn brings greasiness and pimples...

The cleansing of the face consists of three fundamental steps: the cleanliness of the morning, that of the evening and the professional one that is performed with the frequency recommended by its own beautician of trust. We are here to tell you about daily cleansing...

In the evening it is necessary to remove the make-up and smog particles accumulated during the day, in the morning it is good to free the skin from the excess of sebum and from the residues of nighttime treatments.

We recommend cleaning milk, which carries out a delicate cleaning action, for "affinity", since the lipid substances contained in it are able to "dissolve" trick, sebum and dirty without drying the skin. It does not go to solubilize the impurities present on the skin, but emulsion: in this way the impact at skin level is less destructuring than more aggressive products.

Complete the cleaning routine a good tonic, never forget! Do you know why we at Jo.Maison.jo choose Rose Water, which also has, if we want, a suggestion a bit vintage, from the grandmother's remedy?

Because the tonic completes the cleaning with astringent effect, and rose water is astringent, antibacterial and purifying, helps fat skin to control excess production of sebum, but it is also soothing and calming.

It is antioxidant: contains vitamins A, B, C, and and is a multitasking product, as you like it!

We can make a wrinkle mask, with a cotton cloth soaked in water of roses intiedepidita or use it in ice cubes to mitigate bags and dark circles: deflate and revitalize the look!

And then... let's pamper us, let us fall in love with us!

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