"Living moment by moment, to turn entirely to the moon, snow, cherry blossoms and redheads of the maples, sing songs, drink Sakè, console, forgetting reality, don't worry about the poverty that stands in front of us, don't be done Dispare, be like an empty pumpkin floating on the water stream: I call him ukiyo."

Thus wrote the Buddhist monk Asai Ryoi, in his book Ukiyo Monogatari (story of the floating world), in which he described the lifestyle of the Japanese who devoted himself to pleasure, or rather we could tell Carpe Diem, reached a state of asceticism face to the Atarassia, because the earth world is fallacious and illusory and only through overcoming emotions could reach lighting.

Ukiyo has also become the artistic current of which the famous traditional Japanese prints, life scenes of geishe and samurai, Kabuki's theater, poems and landscapes and of which we visited the exhibition was closed yesterday in Pavia, "Hokusai, Hiroshige Utamaro, masterpieces of Japanese art ", and that gives me a starting point not so much to talk about the influence of Japanese art in Europe in the nineteenth century, there will be an opportunity, but of the self-care that Japanese women are traditionally reserve. We have so much to learn!

Their ritual is based essentially on the "layer overlap" of a series of treatments that go to optimize the splendor of the skin. It always starts with cleansing, which in the evening also includes a double cleanliness: in fact traditionally there is a first step of Dematillage with oil, and then the washing of the face to remove the excess of the oil itself (us of Jo.Maison.Jo facilitated you with our Adorable milk!)

It then passes to the lotion, which is essential to complete the cleansing of the face and donate splendor, therefore to serum, which stimulates and takes care of the epidermis cells, and finally the cream, which completes the effect of serum. And there is no lack of treatments to perform one or more times a week, such as gommage and masks, but the true secret of these rituals, who basically do not deviate much from ours, is awareness: of the time we are dedicating us, of the Love for us and the desire to feel good, really well in our skin, because, and I am convinced, each of us must try to become the best version of itself.

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