Yule and the city

Yule and the city

Antipollution illuminating cream

Autumn has arrived, the holidays are a distant memory and we returned to the city life... How to protect us from smog and pollution, which precisely with this season's wet climate tend even more to deposit on the skin?

A first fundamental rule is and will always be proper morning and evening cleansing, in the morning to prepare the epidermis at a long day, and in the evening to remove not only the make-up, but also the layer of impurities that inevitably has deposited.

Jo.maison.jo recommends you a gentle cleansing, which does not in any way alter the hydrolipid skin film, with its adorable aloe cleaning milk and the tonic to the rose et charmante, to integrate a week twice with the gommage oh merveille, able to remove impurities and dead cells from the skin.

It is also very important to protect the skin during the day, using products that can counteract atmospheric pollution.

The study conducted by prof. Jean Krutmann, on a sample of 800 women aged 55 to 74 in very polluted areas of Germany, showed how "The effects of pollution are reflected on aging, pigmentation and skin sensitivity, as they are able to worsen some diseases such as eczema, acne and urticaria". It is therefore essential to protect our skin, which is our first defense from external agents.

Jo.maison.Jo has formulated a brand new day treatment with antipollution filter able to act as a shield against fine powders and UV rays, and enriched it with active ingredients of vegetable origin: the luminescine, extracted from mullein, it is able to transform potentially harmful UV rays into light that radiates directly from the skin, the Reishi fungus extract, known since ancient times in Japanese and Chinese culture as a "longevity fungus", is a precious anti-age rich in vitamin D2, and the patronage, obtained from the cortex of the French maritime pine, which contains more than 40 antioxidants and is able to counter the skin hyperpigmentation.

We have called "Yule" Our City Cream, inspired by the traditional winter solstice festival in the Celtic Germanic tradition, which during the longest night of the year celebrated the return of light.

So why wait? Our skin is one and unique, let's protect it illuminate it and take care of it with JO.MAISON.JO.

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