Mixed and Asphyxiated Skin

It is characterized by the presence on the face of areas of oily, smooth and greasy skin, and areas of dry, rough and flaking skin. In reality, combination skin is "masked" oily skin.

Its apparent dryness is not due to reduced sebaceous secretion, but to hyperkeratosis, i.e. the thickening of the stratum corneum with accumulation of dead cells. Sometimes the skin appears dry over much of the face.

It is a very frequent mistake, in these cases, to try to hydrate it by applying creams and oils abundantly. In the short to medium term, it can cause cosmetic acne which will require long months of therapy.

Upon examination of the skin, it is characterized as follows:

Subjective feeling:

  • itching present occasionally

Touch test:

  • in some areas smooth, in others rough
  • robust
  • elastic
  • in some areas greasy, in others dry.

Visual exam:

  • opaque, pinkish – greyish
  • sometimes uneven complexion
  • enlarged pores (blackheads and whiteheads)
  • in some areas flaking.

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