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jo.maison.jo sale conditions


General conditions


The present deal must be read and approved in all its parts to valid the purchase. The provider of the goods is jo.maison.jo srl, and the website is jomaisonjo.it.

For any telephone order with the online shopping service, the present agreement will be considered read and accepted.


Sale conditions

The online purchase process immediately creates a purchase offer from the customer (“Customer: the individual that, in relation to distance contracts, acts for purposes not connected to business or professional activities eventually carried out.”). The agreement is meant concluded concurrently upon receipt of the purchase offer at jo.maison.jo website. The customer will receive by e-mail confirmation of the agreement completion, the assigned purchase code (to be indicated in any subsequent submission), and even the information folder envisaged and regulated by art. 4 of D.L.g.s. 22.05.1999 n° 185 implementation of Directive 97/7/CE, concerning customer protection in terms of distance agreements. Unavoidable condition for the contract validity is that the order must be carried out by an 18 years old person, in possession of fiscal code or VAT number.



Availability of goods

The customer who has ordered any stuff online indicated as available, but temporarly out of stock, will immediately receive an e-mail to be informed about the new delivery terms. The customer can implicitly accept the new delivery terms, but, in case of refusal, must send an e-mail to jo.maison.jo within the next 48 hours.





Article prices are VAT included, and are net of transport costs or possible dicounts due to promotions. For any change in VAT rates or in other indirect taxes, corresponding price changes will be charged.

Delivery time and delivery costs


Delivery times are indicated in the shop page of the website. On delivery the customer must check that the number of packages (boxes) matches to what indicated in the shipping document or in the invoice, that the pack is intact, not damaged or wet, and anyway according to the standard featuresof a pack. The customer is obliged to express a written reserve of internal control on the shipping document and, in case of non compliance with the listed features, reject the damaged goods and inform jo.maison.jo. No complaints of damaged goods during transport will be accepted if the customer hasn't taken steps to formally challenge them to the courier. In case of return of goods not related to its defects all delivery costs will be charged exclusively on the customer. The delivery will be curated by an express courier chosen by jo.maison.jo. Delivery costs are charged on the customer except from what differently decided by jo.maison.jo. Once received the goods the courier normally delivers in the following 4 working days. If for any reason the term of 4 working days cannot be respected, jo.maison.jo deserves the right to deliver in 8/10 working days from receipt of order. jo.maison.jo deserves to indicate, at order confirmation, a different delivery time for all customized articles. The courier might call on the phone to comunicate day and time of delivery, but this service is not for free. If the customer is away at the moment of delivery the courier leaves a paper notice followed, if the mail address is indicated on the order, by an e-mail. The goods will be kept in the subsidiary for 8 days within wich the customer is required to make arrangements for a new delivery. After these 8 days without delivery the goods will be sent back to jo.maison.jo. Goods will be delivered at the groundfloor of the street number indicated on the oder; any request of delivery upstairs or understairs will be considered an additional services and so charged according to the entity of the service.

Please note that the courier does not provide the service of telephone notice before delivery.


Method of payment


Purchased goods can be paid using the following methods:


Credit Card


Pay Pal






Cash on delivery  (with a charge of € 2,50 per order)


Bank tranfer to jo.maison.jo srl

Bank: Banca Nazionale del Lavoro

IBAN: IT67 M010 0556 4000 0000 002 037

The purpose of transfer must contain the order number, and name and surname of the customer.


All payments made with credit card are operated in the safe and crypted circuits of Pay Pal and Stripe.



Withdrawal from the contract

The customer who's also a consumer has the right to withdraw from the concluded contract without any penlty, just paying the delivery cost. The customer who hasn't the consumer characteristics cannot withdraw from the contract, same for the customer who has provided VAT number or fiscal code when ordering with the intention to buy goods for professional activities. The withdrawal right must be exercized into ten working days, that begin from the day after receiving the goods, with registered letter or telegram to jo.maison.jo srl. The withdrawal right exercized by telegram must be confirmed by registered letter to jo.maison.jo srl. The wiyhdrawal will not be valid by e-mail. The withdrawal right does not apply to customized goods requested by the customer or to anything that cannot be sent back or are at risk of decay. The withdrawal right will not be valid if:

·      The article is not intact

·      The article is sent back without the original packaging or without all accessories originally contained in the packaging

·      Partial withdrawal, intended as part of the sold article that forms with it a substantial and inseparable unit

·      The article is not returned to jo.maison.jo

At the same time and within the same time of exercize of withdrawal right (10 working days from the date of receipt of the article from the customer) the customer must return to jo.maison.jo the article. All delivery costs are charged on the customer who exercized the withdrawal right. If the article has been sent with included delivery costs this costs, when returned, will be deducted from the order refund as delivery cost. The customer can choose the courier to return the article. Jo.maison.jo, as unrelated to the relation between customer and courier, is not liable for any damage occurred during transport, and so any damage is risk and responsibility of the customer. Jo.maison.jo, to allow the customer to protect his rights aganist the courier, will immediately inform the customer that goods was returned damaged and that is at the disposal for any check. In this case the customer will cherge shipping costs and will not have any withdrawal right because goods are damaged. At the same time jo.maison.jo does not respond of any loss or theft occurred during tranport of the returned goods. Even in this case the customer will have no withdrawal right.

If the withdrawal right has been exercized by the customer in accordance with all requirements, jo.maison.jo undertakes to reimburse the amount paid by the customer (except shipping costs) within the following 30 days from the formal complaint.

The address for goods return is:


jo.maison.jo srl

Via Emilia 84

27058 voghera pv


For any information call +39 0383 1756550




All goods are covered by a 24 months guarantee that begins from the date of invoicing, on condition thatthe customer i salso the consumer. Costs and responsibility of return shipments are charged on the customer while costs and responsibility for article’s substitution are charged on jo.maison.jo. The customer must return all goods with the original packaging to jo.maison.jo within 10 working days beforethe expiration guarantee date and only after requiring by e- mail to jo.maison.jo. The number of return must be indicated on the box and on the report used for shipping, otherwise will be rejectet. It’s jo.maison.jo’s right , after an accurate check of the serial numbers and the condition of the articles, to refuse and return it charged to the customer if is damaged, partially returned or not bought at jo.maison.jo. Warranty automatically voids in case of improper use or manipulation of the goods. The substitution of the article will take place as quicky as possible and in case of non-availability a similar product will be offered. For any further information please write at info@jomaisonjo.it.




Customer’s assistance service guarantees a complete pre and post sale assistance. You can call +3903831756550 or write an e-mail to info@jomaisonjo.it


Governing law


Sales contract between jo.maison.jo and the customer is meant concluded in Italy and regulated by italian law. Any interpretation of the website content, complaints and controversies will be devolved to the jurisdiction of italian judges. If the customer is a consumer the territorial jurisdiction belongs to the court referred to the municipality of residence, in any other case jurisdiction belongs to the court of Pavia.





Jo.maison.jo reserves the right to retract or restrict, entirelly or partially, in any moment and without notice, the access to the content of this website.

Provision of data


Provision of personal data is strictly necessary for the purpose of conducting activities referred to in point 1.


Refuse of data provision


Possible refuse to answer, or notice of fake personal data makes impossible to conduct activities referred to in point 1, and brings to non acceptance of purchase offer.


Data communication


Personal data will be processed for the purposes referred to in point 1 and might be communicated to companies controlled, parent and affiliated or connected to jo.maison.jo.




To be able to offer to the customer Klarna’s payments, at the checkout we might tranmit to Klarna customer’s personal data in the form of contacts and order details, so that Klarna can assess the suitability of the customer to its payment methods. Customer’s personal data are processed in accordance with Klarna’s privacy policy.

Personal data will not be diffused or comunicated if not allowed by the law.


Tranfer of data abroad


Personal data might be tranferred to U.E. countries and to non U.E. coumtries referring to in point 1.


Rights of interested


Art. 7 T.U. confers to the interested some specifical rights, as the right to know about the existence of personal data and about making them available in an intelligible form; the interested has the right to know about the origin of the data, about purposes and methods of processing, about logic applied to treatment, about identification details of the data controller and about those whom the data can be comunicated; the interested ha salso the right to get the update, the rectification and integration of the data, cancellation, tranformation on condition of anonymity or blockof the treated data in violation of the law; the owner has the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, to the data treatment.


Data controller


Controller and responsible of the data treatment is jo.maison.jo srl, Voghera PV


Policy ex art. 4 D.Lgs. 22.05.1999 n° 185



The customer may exert the withdrawal right at the indicated conditions in “General conditions” of the approved contract by online purchase. The supplier of products is jo.maison.jo srl , Voghera, Via Emilia 84. Pre and post sale assistance is guaranteed by jo.maison.jo. The existing commercial guarantees are indicated in “Articles data” in the present e-mail and in the “General conditions” of the agrrement approved by online purchase. 

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