Beauty Routine Sotto il Sole

Beauty routine under the sun

Jo Maison Jo's Sun Lotions

Trumpet rings and drums roller... reveals the secret of tan! But when does the Beauty Routine of Perfect Tintarella begins?

First, before sun baths it is necessary to prepare the skin, exfoliandola to eliminate dead cells and moisturizing it to limit the risk of dryness and peeling.

A good peeling, applied with a circular massage from low upwards, has countless properties: in addition to the elimination of dead cells we go to stimulate microcirculation while improving, with regular use, the appearance of the epidermis and allow one Best penetration of subsequent treatments.

According to step: moisturize, moisturize and still moisturize the skin to keep it elastic and shining. The secret of Jo.Maison.Jo is also to hydrate before the solar exposure, first of the application of a specific product. We have created ad hoc for this purpose a mousse based on hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5, panthenol, with a incredibly light and impalpable texture and extraordinary penetration capacity, La Mer Qui D-Vague, which we could compare to a serum for the face: concentrated active ingredients able to work in synergy with cream, in the present case we talk about sunscreen.

And here we are then on the beach beautiful and shining, ready to a sunbath ... we need protection, we need a cream with a SPF suitable for our type of skin, able from one side of shielding UVB and UVA rays, responsible for erythema, burns and long (but not very long) of wrinkles and skin spots. A good filter can guarantee a tan without risk. We at have chosen secure filters because clinically tested, and we have joined them to green moisturizing and anti-ages bases to ensure maximum performance; we recommend repeating its application every two three hours as well as after each dive.

And after a long day under the lift we are finally come to the evening cuddles, when, after a beautiful shower or a restaurateur bath comes the time of afterdoor that must possess soothing properties and be able to return to soft softness and hydration skin... we studied An aloe emulsion, very fresh, with a soft and pleasant and easy-to-penetration texture that meets all the needs of the sketchy skin from a tanning day, a real "antidote".

Now you just have to start... Follow the advice of for the beauty routine under the sun and try you the difference!

With Love...

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