Consigli di coccole quotidiane: un buon bagno o doccia ristoratrici

Daily cuddling tips: a good bath or a refreshing shower

After a super busy day, and especially in this period of a Christmas "blender", there is something better to relax of a nice hot bath or shower?

It is a moment of relaxation and very private pampering and it is essential to soften the skin deeply and open the pores helping you get rid of impurities.

If you are planning an evening out or receive friends at home, wash off the day with a bathroom or shower not too hot.

You need: Washing oil or soap or bubble bath; Personally I prefer and recommend a good oil: soaps and bubble baths dry too much the skin, while fat, however strange to appear, they perfectly detect the skin without impoverishing it.

Then use if your skin is normal or oily, a soft brush or a hinder glove or a good natural sponge if the skin is sensitive or dry; I use the "loofah" which is a completely natural product and is obtained from a variety of pumpkin.

A little secret? The pumice stone to use soaponata where the skin is roughly (elbows, heels and knees).

Always remove your face before entering the shower or immerse yourself in the tub! Another little secret? When I don't apply the mask and I take a bath I always laid a veil of "Baba Jaga" cream that with steam and moisture penetrates and leaves me soft skin...

At this point you turn on a scented candle and, if you bathe, immerse yourself and relax or enter the shower.

Push the skin with the brush or sponge with circular movements starting from the feet and going up. This operation serves to eliminate the most superficial layer of dead cells and is a beneficial daily peeling for the skin; It also goes to stimulate microcirculation.

Do you want to firm your breast? Cold sponges that, then add to a good body cream (that of is coming) and some easy exercise (I'll talk to you soon...) are the best solution.

Once the massage is completed, rinse and spent drying, very important phase! Council to clutch yourself well with a nice natural fiber sheet, thus ending eliminating dead cells, and then applying a good body cream from the feet, indeed from under the feet, to rise with circular movements.

A last "antiage" advice? I apply the "Baba Jaga" cream on the elbows and knees as well as on the face and decolté daily.

And now that you are bright, I recommend barely discovered as much as possible: the skin needs air, if too covered, it will dry up and dehydrate.

With Love

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