I Capelli: amici nemici!

Hair: Enemy friends!

Today I speak to you about hair, because the hair coast a capital importance in beauty. It would be difficult to feel comfortable with a wonderful dress, a wonderful make-up but you don't find the wormed hair?

And yet, of all parts of the body the hair is the one that before and more surely responds to care: well-kept hair becomes more beautiful, but above all they begin to become more beautiful immediately.

For healthy and splendid hair, as well as for a healthy and bright skin, we start from correct cleansing: then the shampoo, which must not, if possible, be too frequent, since, by force of daily washes, we end up sashing Aand carry out the capillary fiber.

Let's proceed: we use not too hot water, we dilute a not exaggerated amount of shampoo in a glass of water and proceed to double washing, gently massaging the skin and hair, to avoid breaking them, we use the fingertips and not nails! We rinse well and apply a conditioner balm that we will have chosen based on our needs and hair type.

An advice? Distribute the balm combing with a thick teeth comb it helps the correct distribution and goes to "close" the hair itself giving greater effectiveness to the treatment.

A secret of our grandmothers, always current? Make the last rinse with cold water in which we will dilute a few tablespoons of apple vinegar... will make the foolish fool!

There are also treatments to be performed weekly, such as face masks, or when it feels the need: an oil bath to keep on at least half an hour before the shampoo, which aims to wrap the hair in a smoothing sheath and softening.

Personally I love olive oil, or avocado oil I find super nutritious, but I also recommend coconut oil for dried hair and castor oil that stimulates growth.

Sometimes I also allow myself a rich mask, another remedy of the grandmother, always effective: a half-hour pack with an egg and sunflower honey and oil emulsion, which revitalizes and gives light to the hair. Of course, it is not so relaxing to turn home with the dough of omelette in the head, but I have "discovered", thanks to Didi, the owner of the Parapharmacy Course River of Turin (where you can find Jo.Maison.Jo) a egg shampoo, which gives hair a extraordinary light. Thank you Didi!! You're always a step forward!

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