The inexorable passage of time

In spite of changes that take place at the level of our skin due to the passing of the years, it is possible to slow down and treat skin aging by making use of cosmetology and its continuous progress.

Time is a succession of moments, which can be divided, measured and distinct in every fraction. It is a notion to which everything is subjected to: animals, plants, the whole planet in short... no one can take away and no one can stop the race.

Our skin ages: continues for years to carry out its functions renewed, producing substances, pursuing their biological role, up to present small and large changes in terms of thickness, functional integrity and also aesthetics.

The skin structure consists of several layers and precisely an epidermis superficial and a dermis below. The epidermis consists of layered cells that are renewed every 30 days, but the true metabolic center is found in the dermis, the deepest layer rich in blood vessels and special cells said fibroblasts that synthesize proteins collagen, elastin And glycosaminoglycans (Like hyaluronic acid) giving skin texture, hydration and resistance.

Skin Aging is a physiological and natural evolutionary process concerning every person and causes visible structural changes. The study of him led to the identification of two main categories linked to internal factors and external to the human organism:

  • Intrinsic skin aging: attributable to the genetic and constitutional characteristics that the subject inherits.
  • Extrinsic skin aging: linked to external factors to the individual, mostly due to the prolonged solar exposure.

The skin aging process translates into a series of changes that generate the thinning and failure of dermis and epidermis. With the past years the fibroblasts active in the production of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans (elements that make up the scaffolding of the skin), reduce in number and production capacity. Even the production of sebum drops drastically and consequently the skin is less compact, loses of volume, has discomfort and manifests the formation of wrinkles.

Cosmetology, in light of continuous discoveries and updates, can do a lot to slow down skin aging and help as much as possible to preserve the integrity and aesthetics of cute over time.

To contribute to the well-being of the skin it is of fundamental importance to have a healthy lifestyle (correct nutrition and hydration associated with physical activity) and implement on a daily basis a Beauty Routine adequate to your skin features.

The objectives to be achieved are photoprotectionhydration, restoration of cutaneous barrierstimulation of cellular replacement and collagen neosynthesis, adequate antihadicalic protection against spots and hypercromations.

But is it really possible to do all this?

Absolutely yes, through the constant application of anti-aging cosmetics studied ad hoc:

- Application of creams and serums to hyaluronic acid to donate Turgore and maintain hydration (Miss J line).

- use of biomimetic peptides to promote collagen production exercising at the same time a similar lifting effect (Vassilissa line).

- use of anti-inflammatory substances, antioxidants and lightening (line Baba Jaga with snail slime).

- Use of anti-pollution screens (Yule).

- Use of sun protection even during the winter season.

Obviously it is good to remember that only the tenacious and continuous use of these products can give lasting benefits and results, giving us a pleasant and youthful aspect, despite the spend of the seasons, so as to make us feel at ease and face time passing with a smile.

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