L'importanza del movimento per il benessere psicofisico

The importance of Movement for Psychophysical Wellness

In each of us "two people live, narcissus that is reflected in the source and Pantagruele dedicated to the pleasures of good food. The secret to my opinion is not killing Pantagruele, but to ensure that he convived peacefully with Narcissus, being master of his own will and therefore his pleasures.

I believe it is essential to feel good in one's skin, and that it is satisfied with its own aspect it does not mean adapting to the often insidious stereotypes that are offered there, but learning to look at each other and loved oneself.

I learned with the years and after being stumbled many times, even harm, which is fundamental balance, patience perseverance. So many times I started and then abandon them practically even food or training regimes absolutely disproportionate and even harmful.

Any food or sports regime cannot be maintained for long periods is destined to fail.

I "discovered" Pilates, who practiced regularly and with joy, and I learned how important it is, to activate the metabolism, the movement that runs daily, what "slowly burns". It is an approach that refers to the Cartesian principles and which requires the use not only of the body, but also of the mind: a reckless training can become harmful as an excessive and excessive nutrition, so it is good to diversify the movement and practice it consciously.

The movement should become an integral part of the day, the motion that practiced every day is essential for well-being: you can start taking two more steps, or walking up the stairs instead of using the elevator. The point is to try to carry out more physical activity possible during the day to overcome the mental obstacle that the idea of ​​regular physical exercise represents for some of us, so as to have more benefits possible without hassles.

Walking should become a fundamental aspect of our way of life: is there better activity for legs and buttocks? And then be open air is regenerating, a touch for the whole cardiovascular apparatus!

You can start simply by introducing a few walks during the day, gradually increasing the distances traveled, and discovering, little by little, inhaling and expanding slowly, that walking also has a meditative value, which you go to buy the awareness of really existing, While the stimulus of the outside world are suggested and a very special connection with themselves is created.

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