Normal Skin

Normal skin basically represents an ideal concept, the model of which is healthy baby skin. Upon examination of the skin, it is characterized as follows:

Subjective feeling:

  • no tension or itching

Touch test:

  • smooth, silky
  • elastic
  • not greasy

Visual exam:

  • bright, rosy, with uniform color
  • absence of dilated pores
  • not shiny
  • skin texture not visible to the naked eye
  • not wrinkled
  • not flaking

It is that state of the skin in which there is an optimal balance of biological and physiological processes so that it appears luminous and with a uniform complexion, elastic, smooth and well hydrated, without imperfections or pathologies. Just like the healthy skin of a child, the skin we all would like, basically perfect skin!

It is important to understand, however, that this state is not permanent because, at any moment, a more or less evident imbalance could occur, caused by some external or internal factor. This is how normal skin can become dry, slightly oily or sensitive.

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