C'era una volta, e una volta non c'era...

Once upon a time, and once there wasn't ...

Creams, serums, masks

Today I want to talk to you about Vassilissa and Baba Jaga, protagonists of the ancient Russian story that inspired the names of our face lines.

It is a history of female initiation on understanding the fact that things are often not as they appear. It is an ancient fairy tale that has its roots in the cults of the goddess horse, preceding the classical Greek culture and remembers how women have been infused the primary instinct power of the wild woman, or the intuition.

We resort to the intuition and instincts to discover things, we use all our senses to tear the truth to things, to extract nourishment from our own ideas, to see what there is to see and to know what is to know, to be guarded with our creative fires. This is a woman who started, and this is the inspiration that she guided us in the search for our formulas. We have dedicated the wise and Baba Jaga the witch to Vassilissa our facial lines, few "smart" products, day and night even able to work in synergy between them. They are two sera, two creams and a mask, going to discover the benefits and use.

The fundamental difference between serum and cream is the presence of a "greasy" part (the cream is fatter). The serum has more immediate action, brings water directly, has a more fluid consistency but it is an extremely concentrated product; our serums, Vassilissa and Baba Jaga are designed for use on face neck and eye contour, and a small shot is enough. It should be applied to the face tapping, as if the piano played. It is very important to always combine the serum to the cream as the latter goes to act on the medium term, while serum, although go deep, has a less persistent effect over time.

Even our Vassilissa and Baba Jaga creams are very rich and concentrated. The best way to apply them? Pick up a small amount, warm it in your hands and then lay it on face neck and decoltè, morning and evening.

The mask? In general, apply to the clean face, preferably after a gommage, a good treatment mask helps to improve the appearance of the face, feeding in depth if necessary, "drying" if necessary (always excellent clay on mixed/fatty skins), illuminating if necessary. Our advice is always to tie the moment of application and laying of the face mask at a moment of relaxation, a hot bath or a glass of wine looking at a beautiful film, because we never owe to scind the body from the soul: if you are happy, if you laugh, you're brighter, you're more beautiful.

For example, we love the face by looking at one of our favorite movies, The Woman, the remake of the eponymous film of George Cukor, sipping "CUORE DI VINO BOTTE NR. 18 "of the Cabanon winery company, coming from our Oltrepò Pavese...

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